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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Once I get up in the morning I tend to stay up, I can never get back to sleep.  This morning I decided on a cup of tea and I used my fancy teapot and cup set They actually go together and teapot stacks on top. It's cool and I like it, my mom gave it to me 4 birthday's ago.  She always thinks of neat these things, which makes a good birthday gift.  The roses on it are my favorite flower and this set is a china set, which means be careful.

Today the kiddos were over and we had a marvelous time at the park, so take a look below, oh and you will notice there is no set times on this post due to the lack of keeping track of time on my part, but who cares, it SATURDAY!  YIPPEEEEE!

My tea set.

Washed my car and believe me it was much needed, oh and I did not personally do it.

At the park with the kiddos having fun.

David is about 10 feet high looking through the bars on the play structure.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Okay so we went to Sonoma (wine country) and took the kids to Train Town.  They had a lot of fun and David who just loves trains was so excited and had such a good time.  Although these trains look like they are big, they are not they are miniture trains that you can ride!  There were small rides there too and David was able to ride all except one, but he was so tiered after that it did not matter.  Me on the other hand was the photographer for the day!  I enjoyed that more than getting on any of the rides, except for the train of course.  

A cap of the day!

9:00 am left for Sonoma

10:20 arrived in Sonoma at Train Town

11:00 David rode some rides while we waited for the next train to catch

11:20 rode train through tunnels over bridges and stopped at a small town were we could feed the animals.

12:30 let David ride more rides

1:30 left Train Town

2:45 at at Olive Garden in Vacaville on the way home.

There were a few other things in between that I rather not discuss, but everything worked its way out. 

Docking station for the trains.

On of many tunnels we went through.

Riding the merry go round.

This was funny! It has a story to go along with it.

Friday, July 29, 2011


So you know how you are suppose to work the hours you are suppose to work( 8 or 10 ), then something comes along to make your whole schedule change.  Ummm yeah, so I had an emergency at work with an A/C and boy was I a little ticked off about it.  I had already worked my 10 hours then this happens.  It was not anyone's fault, but I sure do have a few things to say about the company I work for.

Anyway so my usual schedule was my work, but then after 5:30 this is what happens........

 5:30 - received call from A/C tech, said he could not do it, but that he will try and find a construction
           crew to put the a/c in, huh?

5:40 - received call from another a/c company and he said he could do it but in a couple of hours.  Okay.

5:55 - left work

7:50 - back at work with a/c man

8:30 - a/c man done, hurray!!!!!

8:45 - back at home.  

So you see these things happen, but like I said I have a few things that I do not agree with corporate and this is definitely one of them.  

Getting gas at Costco...

Look at that price!  Man! and I had an 8th of a tank of gas left!

Scrap room, when am I ever going to get to these kits!!!

Exhaustion, just laying around for a minute and happened to take this photo by accident so I kept it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Day 3!  Yes I have been consistent in documenting my week in the life.  Just thought I would put a few of the photos I took yesterday, but before I do this is what happened after work yesterday.

     5:30 - off work

     5:40 - arrive at home and found Faith and David still there

     6:00 - daughter shows up and bakes!  What!

     7:00 - daughter cleans car!  What the.......!

     10:20 - daughter leaves.........Man!  To bed later than I planned and did not get anything done...oh    well that is how it goes sometimes, but can somebody tell me why in the world does this happen!  I love my daughter and my grandchildren don't get me wrong, but man oh man, things happen when they are around. ha ha ha 

This is my receipt from Starbuck's, but check this out it's blue!  Yeah it's blue because it is a Treat Receipt, which means if you purchase a drink before 2:00 pm, you can bring in your receipt and get another drink for $2.00!  But only after 2:00 pm can you use it.  I did not use mine I wanted to keep it for my project :)

I love this sign at my job, unfortunately some folks don't adhere to it and it sometimes gets my goat :(

Break!  Yay!  At the Yolo Berry in Davis taking a much needed break.  Their yogurt is sooooo good.

Ahhhhhh.....home sweet home, my block what a quiet, clean, peaceful, nice block.  I just love it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Celebrating birthdays is fun and my son, who's birthday is on the 26th, was mortified by my singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him all day!  I thought it was pretty funny, but he was getting worn out by my singing.  I actually took a lot more photos today than yesterday and I am pretty satisfied with my results so on with my project life.  Here are a few pics from yesterday.

So taking a break at work a very much needed break.  Our breaks are only 15 minutes, but sometimes that is all you need to relax a bit.

Faith is learning how to say cheese now.  Just look at that chubby cute face.

David is the tech boy and boy is he loving his dual cell phones.

This guy is now 19 years old and man some things never change from when they are babies to full grown adults.  He still eats the same, acts the same, and still thinks of food as a great delight.  He is as thin as a rail, but in good physical shape.  Love this boy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My schedule is something else, so here we go!

     6:00 am - up in the morning

     7:00 am - at work

     work work work work

     10:00 - break

     12:00 - lunch

     12:30 - back to work

     4:00 - break

     5:30 - OFF WORK!!! YAY!

So as you can see I work most of the day, 10 hours to be exact and I don't plan on changing my schedule because I enjoy my 3 day weekends! Who wouldn't!

Maybe today I will get more photos and maybe one of these days this week, I will document my routine with more photos.  That might be a little scary..... ha ha ha.

Okay so these are the first photos of my project. I did not take as many as Ali, but I have quite a lot.  I just cannot believe how busy you really are throughout the day!  It is amazing we get any sleep at all!

Mmmmmmm doesn't that look good!  Dinner for tonight.

This is what greets me at work at 7:00 would think that 62 year olds and above would behave over the weekend (sigh), but I guess not.

This is how these two looked before I left for work, which was about 6:40 am.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

These are my daughter Akilah and my son Hakim.  Hakim just came from pre-bootcamp training for the National Guard and he was very very tiered.  I cannot believe that he is going into the service!  My boy!  Well he will be more of a man when he comes out, but he will always be my boy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yes it's true carbs are my enemy right now and although I really do not eat a lot of them, I still need to cut back on a big time level.  Don't these look great!  So say so long to carbs for a little while and hello to better health.

Monday, July 18, 2011


So we don't want mention how many takes it took to get these three photos.  I just picked a few and thought I would put them on here.  These two are a trip and a half, but I love them very much.  David was good, but Faith, I could not get her to focus at all.  

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Okay I am totally ready for the Week In The Life!  I have purchased everything and most of my items came in the mail except for Ormolu products, which will be here soon.  I cannot wait for this project because it is totally fun and the documentation is very interesting because you get to see just how much you do in a day's time.  Whew!  It's a lot too!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Week in the life is almost here and I am going to participate for the second year in a row. I tried to download the blinkie, but the code is damaged.  So here is a look at the template I downloaded from Designer Digitals

Friday, July 8, 2011


Here are some more goods!  These layouts were a little bit of a challenge to me due to the fact that I am in a competition called the Biggest Scraper through my local scrapbook store.  It is fun and I am learning how to plan better and I am so far loving the way the pages are coming out.  So take a look!  Oh and the first two layouts are based on a sketch from GreenTangerines, but with my take on it.

This is a sketch from Creating Keepsakes magazine, the problem is I forgot who did it :) 

On this layout, I decided to use my sewing machine and one of my own sketches.  I was surprised at how it came out.

This last layout was inspired by Piradee, who is on the Creating Keepsakes design team.  I did a little twist of her layout and what I love about her layout is the strips that she uses as a frame.