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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Day 3!  Yes I have been consistent in documenting my week in the life.  Just thought I would put a few of the photos I took yesterday, but before I do this is what happened after work yesterday.

     5:30 - off work

     5:40 - arrive at home and found Faith and David still there

     6:00 - daughter shows up and bakes!  What!

     7:00 - daughter cleans car!  What the.......!

     10:20 - daughter leaves.........Man!  To bed later than I planned and did not get anything done...oh    well that is how it goes sometimes, but can somebody tell me why in the world does this happen!  I love my daughter and my grandchildren don't get me wrong, but man oh man, things happen when they are around. ha ha ha 

This is my receipt from Starbuck's, but check this out it's blue!  Yeah it's blue because it is a Treat Receipt, which means if you purchase a drink before 2:00 pm, you can bring in your receipt and get another drink for $2.00!  But only after 2:00 pm can you use it.  I did not use mine I wanted to keep it for my project :)

I love this sign at my job, unfortunately some folks don't adhere to it and it sometimes gets my goat :(

Break!  Yay!  At the Yolo Berry in Davis taking a much needed break.  Their yogurt is sooooo good.

Ahhhhhh.....home sweet home, my block what a quiet, clean, peaceful, nice block.  I just love it.

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