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Friday, July 29, 2011


So you know how you are suppose to work the hours you are suppose to work( 8 or 10 ), then something comes along to make your whole schedule change.  Ummm yeah, so I had an emergency at work with an A/C and boy was I a little ticked off about it.  I had already worked my 10 hours then this happens.  It was not anyone's fault, but I sure do have a few things to say about the company I work for.

Anyway so my usual schedule was my work, but then after 5:30 this is what happens........

 5:30 - received call from A/C tech, said he could not do it, but that he will try and find a construction
           crew to put the a/c in, huh?

5:40 - received call from another a/c company and he said he could do it but in a couple of hours.  Okay.

5:55 - left work

7:50 - back at work with a/c man

8:30 - a/c man done, hurray!!!!!

8:45 - back at home.  

So you see these things happen, but like I said I have a few things that I do not agree with corporate and this is definitely one of them.  

Getting gas at Costco...

Look at that price!  Man! and I had an 8th of a tank of gas left!

Scrap room, when am I ever going to get to these kits!!!

Exhaustion, just laying around for a minute and happened to take this photo by accident so I kept it.

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