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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Okay so we went to Sonoma (wine country) and took the kids to Train Town.  They had a lot of fun and David who just loves trains was so excited and had such a good time.  Although these trains look like they are big, they are not they are miniture trains that you can ride!  There were small rides there too and David was able to ride all except one, but he was so tiered after that it did not matter.  Me on the other hand was the photographer for the day!  I enjoyed that more than getting on any of the rides, except for the train of course.  

A cap of the day!

9:00 am left for Sonoma

10:20 arrived in Sonoma at Train Town

11:00 David rode some rides while we waited for the next train to catch

11:20 rode train through tunnels over bridges and stopped at a small town were we could feed the animals.

12:30 let David ride more rides

1:30 left Train Town

2:45 at at Olive Garden in Vacaville on the way home.

There were a few other things in between that I rather not discuss, but everything worked its way out. 

Docking station for the trains.

On of many tunnels we went through.

Riding the merry go round.

This was funny! It has a story to go along with it.

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