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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Once I get up in the morning I tend to stay up, I can never get back to sleep.  This morning I decided on a cup of tea and I used my fancy teapot and cup set They actually go together and teapot stacks on top. It's cool and I like it, my mom gave it to me 4 birthday's ago.  She always thinks of neat these things, which makes a good birthday gift.  The roses on it are my favorite flower and this set is a china set, which means be careful.

Today the kiddos were over and we had a marvelous time at the park, so take a look below, oh and you will notice there is no set times on this post due to the lack of keeping track of time on my part, but who cares, it SATURDAY!  YIPPEEEEE!

My tea set.

Washed my car and believe me it was much needed, oh and I did not personally do it.

At the park with the kiddos having fun.

David is about 10 feet high looking through the bars on the play structure.

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