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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Celebrating birthdays is fun and my son, who's birthday is on the 26th, was mortified by my singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him all day!  I thought it was pretty funny, but he was getting worn out by my singing.  I actually took a lot more photos today than yesterday and I am pretty satisfied with my results so on with my project life.  Here are a few pics from yesterday.

So taking a break at work a very much needed break.  Our breaks are only 15 minutes, but sometimes that is all you need to relax a bit.

Faith is learning how to say cheese now.  Just look at that chubby cute face.

David is the tech boy and boy is he loving his dual cell phones.

This guy is now 19 years old and man some things never change from when they are babies to full grown adults.  He still eats the same, acts the same, and still thinks of food as a great delight.  He is as thin as a rail, but in good physical shape.  Love this boy!

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