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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My schedule is something else, so here we go!

     6:00 am - up in the morning

     7:00 am - at work

     work work work work

     10:00 - break

     12:00 - lunch

     12:30 - back to work

     4:00 - break

     5:30 - OFF WORK!!! YAY!

So as you can see I work most of the day, 10 hours to be exact and I don't plan on changing my schedule because I enjoy my 3 day weekends! Who wouldn't!

Maybe today I will get more photos and maybe one of these days this week, I will document my routine with more photos.  That might be a little scary..... ha ha ha.

Okay so these are the first photos of my project. I did not take as many as Ali, but I have quite a lot.  I just cannot believe how busy you really are throughout the day!  It is amazing we get any sleep at all!

Mmmmmmm doesn't that look good!  Dinner for tonight.

This is what greets me at work at 7:00 would think that 62 year olds and above would behave over the weekend (sigh), but I guess not.

This is how these two looked before I left for work, which was about 6:40 am.  

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